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Sea, sun and sand... in Finland!

People from the Nordic countries are missing the sun and sea. 10-11 months of the year we are expecting the summer and opportunity to go to the sea. But sea is very close and easy to reach. Welcome to the coast of Finland!


Rental cottage in Finland for real man holidays on Lake Saimaa

Not far from Lappeenranta there is one serious holiday cottage for rent with a male character. The house is quite impressive build from a log, cottage is with a personality. Cottage has separate lake-shore sauna with wood-stove and excellent opportunities for fishing on Lake Saimaa.


SÄRÄ - delicious lamb dish cooked in a birch log in a wood-fired baking oven.

Imagine a birch log as a plate where peeled potatoes are placed on the lamb legs. Then this log stuffed with potatoes and meat is sent to the wood-fired oven for 9 hours. Lamb is covering with golden crust. Baked potatoes are soaking with meat juice... This delicious dish can be enjoyed in the village of Lemi, only 25 km from Lappeenranta, Finland.


Berry holiday cottages in Finland

Finland is a paradise for berry lovers. People keep in secret the best berry places. But we like to open secrets. Here are few holiday cottages for rent in Finland which names suggest berries that can be found nearby: Villa Lakka (Villa Cloudberry), Puolukkapiha (Lingonberry yard) Villa Mustikka (Villa Blueberry)


Holiday Ideas: Holiday in Finland with Moomin spirit in Moomin land

If you and your child believes in magic, fairy tales and you like the world of fantasies, do not miss the opportunity to spend a few days in Finland in the world Moomin heroes.


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