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Finnish KELO silver pine wooden cabins - the pearl of Finnish Lapland

Kelo Ц ancient northern pines dehydrated while standing in place Ц a valuable material for the Finnish cottages construction.

Kelo cabin Lapland Finland

Finnish silver KELO pine Ц special, extraordinary pine! This tree can be born only in Lapland, where due to the low and extremely low temperatures pine grows very slowly. Due to the very long (200-400 years) and slow growth, Kelo pine gets high density of wood core.

kelo wood lapland

KELO pine: what is special about it?

Lapland pine can grow about 200-400 years. With age, the tree stops to receive nutrients from the soil and the root system of pine dies. As the tree dehydrates, the bark sloughs off, the tree dries slowly, while remaining stand upright few hundred years. When the tree is dehydrated, the wood begins to get silver grey color outside and reddish color core inside. Cracks and grooves in the wood under the bark make this tree even more unique construction use and houses design. The richer the red color of the core of KELO wood, the further north it has grown.

KELO wood cabin Lapland

Do you know why KELO wood almost always spiral grained? This is due to the Coriolis forces, or in other words, due to the Earth rotation direction. The same forces that cause atmospheric cyclones and water funnel in the sink twist counter-clockwise, the same forces help to twist the body of the dehydrating tree over the years, winding up from left to right from the bottom.

Before KELO tree will be suitable for building, specialists have long-term monitoring of each tree on place of its growth. In Lapland each dehydrated KELO pine tree is counted! Then the dry pine carefully pulled out of the ground with its roots. Since KELO wood is often very hard to reach in distant forest, special equipment and even helicopters are used for harvesting silver gray pine.

kelo wood lapland cabins
This cottage is located at the Yllas ski resort in Lapland. More pictures of the KELO cottage

Each cottage of silver pine is unique and remarkable. It's hard to find a similar house from Kelo wood. Such KELO cabins are designed and produced with individual projects, many details depend on lifestyle and tastes of the owner! KELO Ц extraordinary material, not everyone like and appreciate its look and design. But for eco-lovers it is hard to find better and more natural material for house building.

lapland kelo wood

Silver grey Kelo cabin, built in the forest, fits into the environment very organically and will always stand out from the other buildings. Like a house from a fairy tale KELO cottage shines with silver under the sun. The air in the dry KELO log cabin differs from the air at any other type of cottages and cabins.

Kelo lapland


Furniture made of Kelo wood has a nice rustic style and makes the atmosphere of home comfort and cosy, natural and comfortable. While KELO wood is robust, over the time it might develop cracks, which only add character to these furnishings!

KELO wood

KELO wood

Kelo pine: fasts

- Each KELO pine is selected manually
- Dehydrated silver gray pine is not subject to the factory processing and retains all its natural properties
- The minimum wood moisture
- Absolute ecological material
- No shrinkage after house building
- Timber appearance remains unchanged
- Silver-gray color, natural texture, rich pine aroma
- The walls do not require additional finishing, twisted wood texture is great natural design and decoration
- High price because of the labor-intensive harvesting and rareness of the material.

Kelo cabins for rent in Finland

Map can be zoomed and there will be more KELO houses.

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