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Sea, sun and sand... in Finland! Baltic Sea and the coast of Finland.

People from the Nordic countries are missing the sun and sea. 10-11 months of the year we are expecting the summer and opportunity to go to the sea. But sea is very close and easy to reach. Welcome to the coast of Finland!

Maybe the Baltic Sea does not immediately come to mind while dreaming of summer, but Baltic sea may surprise and summer holiday on the coast of Baltic may be memorable and great. Especially since it is so easy to reach, even for a short holiday weekend.

Yyteri beach. Finland Baltic coast Photo: Yyteri beach

Finland Baltic coast Photo:

So, let's dream a little about the coming summer and imagine the perfect vacation on the Baltic sea coast of Finland.


Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea coast has a lot of beautiful, cozy cottages and villas. Some of them are are available for holiday rent. It's amazing, but for many travellers Finland is associated with lakes, but the Finns themselves love their sea so much trying to have a small vacation on the coast each summer, or at least to arrange a pick-nick on the beach few times during the summer.

Baltic coast Finland Photo: KLOVHARUN.

This small hut on the island Klovharun was Tove Jansson secret place for summer escape. Here she was hiding in the summer, on a stone small island in the middle of the sea, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. There was all that was needed for her inspiration to create Moomin stories. Currently, the island is open to tourists for a very short time in the summer because of the weather conditions, the birds nesting season and private use of the island.



Sea coast stretches along Finland for many hundreds kilometers. There should be excellent beaches, right? Right! There are beaches in Finland for every taste.

Do you want to rock beaches, heated by sun and so nice to warm on after a sea swimming? There are a huge amount of rock beaches in Eastern Finland and on Gulf of Finland coast.

Stone beaches in Finland Photo:

Do you want sand beaches with gently sloping shore? Beaches surrounded by pine forests? From the city of Hanko and further to the west, the Baltic Sea coast in many places turns into a long, sandy beach and dunes. Even in the city of Helsinki there are several beautiful sandy beaches for sea lovers.

Sand beaches in Finland Photo: (c)_Jussi_Hellsten


Finland sea coast boasts the largest archipelago in the world. According to some estimates, there are about 70 000 islands in Finland. You can find inhabited islands and completely wild, stone islands without a single tree, or an island with beautiful forests. Islands which was chosen by birds or seals for nesting and resting. The islands, which are chosen by the people for recreational purposes with small camping, restaurants and hiking trails. There are islands in Finland reachable by ferry, and there are islands where you can only come by own boat. And there are amazing island, as Helsingholmen island.

So not only Maldives islands are suitable for holidays, but also islands in Finland are suitable for unforgeable experience! Finland can offer you an island for a luxury holiday or a more modest version of island, like Tove Jansson's Klovharun island.

Islands in Finland Photo:


There are about 50 lighthouses in Finnish coast of the Baltic Sea. About one third of Finnish lighthouses are open to tourists as marine attraction. On the islands with the lighthouses there are restaurants, cafes, saunas and some of them even have possibilities for accommodation at the lighthouse. The unique islands location in the sea guarantees peace and quiet, pristine sounds of the sea and unity with th nature.

Archipelago islands in Finland Photo:

It's really an incredible feeling. A pleasant walk around the island on a sunny day, climb to the top of the lighthouse and imagine the sailors who peers into the darkness, hoping to see the signal light.

Archipelago islands in Finland Photo:


Finland has highly developed network of free sea ferries (or "mobile offshore bridges"). Many islands of Turku archipelago are connected together with car ferry platforms. Also some islands attractions can be reached by ferry.

It is possible to plan a circular route around the islands of Turku archipelago and visit all natural attractions and places of interest. It is possible to travel by car, by bicycle or simply on foot using ferry connection between islands.

Ferry connection in Finland archipelago Photo:

If there are no free ferry connection with some islands you want to visit, it is easy to find alternative ferry route for a small fee. In any case, whatever the route you will choose, exceptional views and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.


Vintage and old wooden towns and fishing villages are the special charm of the Finnish coast of the Baltic Sea. Summer life there is wonderful: small street markets with handicrafts, where you can find unique little things, small cafes and restaurants with local cuisine and pastries, village shops with souvenirs, local events and small festivals, - all this creates an amazing atmosphere that can not be found in any other part of Finland.

Fishing village Finland Photo: Photo (c)_Jussi_Hellsten

Fishing village Finland Photo: Photo (c)_Jussi_Hellsten

Fishing village Finland Photo:


Incredibly beautiful sunsets can be seen only at the seaside. Every day the sunset is different, but always beautiful and fascinating.

It is also a pleasure to meet dawn on the beach, listening to the sounds of the sea. A cup of hot coffee with fresh roll greatly complements this harmony.

Having a holiday on the coast of Finland it is so nice to observe the natural elements: storms, cyclones, wind, calm and clouds.

Fishing village Finland Photo:


Finnish coast of the Baltic Sea coast is an ideal place for birds nesting. During the summer birds are nesting on the islands of the archipelago and get their young.

Barnacle goose is especially popular in Finland. This large bird can be seen on the streets and in the parks of Helsinki, as well as on all islands nearby.

Walking in Helsinki in May-June, beware! If you are approached by a large black-and-white goose, threateningly waving his wings, sticks out his tongue and hisses, as well as trying to pinch your leg, be sure his wife incubates eggs somewhere near and better to stay away from this place.

Finland birds Photo:

Finland birds

The Baltic Sea is inhabited by charming little creatures - seals. Many small stone islands are favorite habitat of seals. By the way, the seal is quite curious and can swim near the boat and look at fisherman, as well as to climb to the island next to people if they do not create a lot of noise.

Birds Finland Photo:


And of course, fishing on the Gulf of Finland and sea fishing in the Baltic Sea - a mandatory attribute of holidays in Finland on the coast. In Finland there are a lot of companies who organize sea fishing on special equipped motor boats with all the necessary gear. You can try your fishing luck from the shore and from a boat. Catch your own fresh fish and cook it for the dinner!

Sea Fishing Finland Photo:

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