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'My name is Ragnar, put your money in the postbox'.

Turku Archipelago. Helsingholmen island. Vikings.

Many people travelling to Finland have few images and ideas about the country. Finland is associated with Lake Land in summer or Lapland in winter. Summer Finland is mostly a cottage on the shore of the pure lake. Winter Finland is snow, reindeer, Santa Claus and Aurora Borealis. But there is a one more Finland - country by the real sea with beautiful archipelago, hundreds of islands equipped with marinas, restaurants, spas and water parks on the beach, cozy cafes and sea hotels. Many islands are connected by free or paid ferry service that allows to visit islands not only on your own boat, but also by car, bike or on your foot with a tent.

We are talking about Turku Archipelago, west coast of Finland. This area on the map is from Hanko to Uusikaupunki on the south-west of Finland, and up to Aland Islands to the west. Large and small islands, equipped and wild, stretching into the sea at 50-80 km from the mainland.

Turku Archipelago

Helsingholmen island is worth visiting for a day (coordinates 60.029793, 22.277145).

There is only one young family with a child who live here year-round on the island. If you watched Vikings TV series before, do not be surprised, when you will recognize some features of the Ragnar (main movie hero) in the host of the island. These people are living their normal life of the Vikings as if descended from the screen.

Turku Archipelago

Next surprise on the Helsingholmen island is payment system of marina and boat mooring, when you are told to put money in the mailbox outside. Local 'Lagerta' will offer you coffee and fresh rolls with the same payment system: just put your money in a box on the table, which she calls the cashier. If you need a change back, just take it from the cashier. Do not worry if you do not have the cash. You can 'take a loan' for cakes and smoked fish there. They will write an account number on a piece of paper, and you can transfer money when you're on the mainland in the bank or through the Internet.

Payment for marina - just put the mney into the box and, if necessary, ake your change from there...a kind of a mystic in a real world...

Turku Archipelago harbor

The island is quite small. You can walk around the island for an hour. But you do not want to leave it. The silence and the sound of the sea, incredible feelings.

You can walk along the shoreline around the island, watching the beautiful scenery with boats and sailing yachts passing by. Our you can relax on the huge stones warmed by sun and enjoy magnificent sunsets .

Turku Archipelago sunset

There is a ferry connection between Helsingholmen and mainland on-demand. Even the cats living on the island awaiting the arrival of the ferry from the mainland.

Helsingholmen ferry

Helsingholmen boat

There was Th Norling artist exhibition on the island who uses old sail for his works and draw Finnish islands, lighthouses and ships on it.

Th Norling sails

Th Norling sains

Th Norling sails

The main part of tourists arriving on the island spending nights on their boats, but the island has a space for tents, shore sauna to order, eco-WC, a small cafe and always fresh smoked fish.

Helsingholmen island is just fabulous place to visit in Finland!

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